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1751 Lower Water Street
Halifax Waterfront

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Over 100 Years in the Making

After more than a century of helping connect people around the globe, Cable Wharf has returned to her roots and reimagined as Cable Wharf Kitchen & Patio, a bright and welcoming space for the local community and friends from far and wide. 


Perched on Halifax's furthest reaching wharf, Cable Wharf Kitchen & Patio is accentuated by bright, natural light, hand crafted fixtures, and is surrounded by the calm and beauty of the Halifax Harbour. Just a few steps outside you'll be surrounded by Cable Wharf's showpiece, a stunning patio with 270º views of the bustling harbour.

Executive Chef Collin Rogers and the entire Cable Wharf team are eager to share their sophisticated new space, locally inspired menu, incredible seaside views, and warm hospitality with you. Please join us!

Inspired by our history. 

In the 1800s, the introduction of telegraphs by way of undersea cables allowed messages to be transmitted across the ocean in a matter of minutes - a significant improvement from The telegraph changed the world just as technologies continue to change our world today. Halifax played a vital role in building this communication network, becoming a base for cable ships to receive supplies and conduct repairs - the city held this role for nearly a 100 years.

Built in 1913 by the Western Union Telegraph Company, Cable Wharf served as a the primary cable ship port and service call depot for the transatlantic cable. The cable ships, two of which were Lord Kelvin and Cyrus Field, were specifically designed to lay and maintain cables. In later years, the cable ship Mina, one of four vessels used to search for victims of the 1917 sinking of the Titanic, would also make her home at Cable Wharf. 


As one of the last original structures on the harbour, Cable Wharf is a rare gem among the constantly changing Halifax Waterfront. Re-imagining Cable Wharf meant thoughtfully honouring the past while creating a timeless space set to welcome people for many years to come.



May 22, 2022


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Collin Rogers

Executive Chef

Our menu philosophy is simple: source the highest quality, seasonal ingredients available, provide a memorable local culinary experience.


Whether it is fresh seafood from our local Atlantic waters, world-famous Wild Blueberries from Oxford, Nova Scotia, or fresh produce from the Annapolis Valley, our commitment to supporting the local fishers, growers and producers is evident in the food that we create.


Our culinary team looks forward to making your event an unforgettable experience that truly expresses our world-renowned Maritime hospitality and cuisine.

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